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Mediatheque/2017/Virtuaalitodellisuus by Möyhy-Veikot

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Revision as of 15:15, 21 August 2021 by Juho Kunsola (talk | contribs) (+ File:Möyhy-Veikot-Virtuaalitodellisuus-demo-2017-08-09-screenshot-at-159s-and-ca-23-frames.png + link to the Youtube of the (mostly uncensored) demo version as it predates the almost identical 2018 release. In the 2018 official final version the end is slightly more vague due to noise on top + LST transclusion from Mediatheque)
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Demo-version music video for the song VIRTUAALITODELLISUUS by the Finnish rock band Möyhy-Veikot published on 2017-08-09 Content warning: Medium Towards the end there is poor quality synthetic porn and one nudity containing picture where one cannot really tell is it real or synthesized. They promise to tell the truth about "virtual reality", so it needs to be there, or they'd be liars "Todellisuus" == "reality", "virtuaali-" == "virtual", "väärinpäin" == "the wrong way around, in wrong order, wrong sequence"