Protecting President Zelenskyy against deep fakes

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Protecting President Zelenskyy against deep fakes 'Protecting President Zelenskyy against Deep Fakes' at[1] by Matyáš Boháček of Johannes Kepler Gymnasium and w:Hany Farid, the dean and head of of w:Berkeley School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. This brief paper describes their automated digital look-alike detection system and evaluate its efficacy and reliability in comparison to humans with untrained eyes. Their work provides automated evaluation tools to catch so called "deep fakes" and their motivation seems to have been to find automation armor against disinformation warfare against humans and the humanity. Automated digital media forensics is a very good idea explored by many. Boháček and Farid 2022 detection system works by evaluating both facial mannerisms as well as gestural mannerisms to detect the non-human ones from the ones that are human in origin.

Protecting President Zelenskyy against deep fakes a 2022 .pdf at submitted for publication on Friday 2022-06-24 by Hany Farid.

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