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This is a reverse chronological listing of media that are probably to do with synthetic human-like fakes.

You can find a timeline with also non-media containing recent happenings at Synthetic human-like fakes § Timeline of synthetic human-like fakes.

These links currently include music, music videos, science demonstrations, entertainment, movies, historical photos and scripture.

Not released yet[edit]

Matrix 4[edit]

  • 2021 | movie | w:The Matrix 4 (2021) will be the 4th installment of the w:The Matrix (franchise). Relevancy: High likelihood of relevance, but unknown as this film is not yet ready or released.



AI creates models for Instagram by Vecanoi[edit]

AI creates models for Instagram by Vecanoi uploaded on 2021-06-08 to Youtube. See e.g. for more synthetic fakes out there

Orwellian by the Manic Street Preachers[edit]

Orwellian by the Manic Street Preachers lyric video uploaded on 2021-05-14 to Youtube from their upcoming new album 'The Ultra Vivid Lament' which will be out 2021-09-03. Available also as Manic Street Preachers - Orwellian (Official Video) music video version or Karaoke version by Scream Queen Karaoke at YouTube with semi-proper instrumental track and lyrics on screen uploaded 1 day after the original.


Helen Mort speaks on getting attacked with synthetic human-like fakes[edit]

'My experience of harmful ‘deepfake’ images, a talk and poetry about w:Helen Mort's ordeal uploaded to w:Vimeo by herself on 2020-12-18

Digital sound-alikes by Vocal Synthesis[edit]

Six U.S. Presidents Introduce the Vocal Synthesis YouTube Channel (Speech Synthesis) at by the Vocal Synthesis YouTube-channel, that gained attention when w:Jay-Z's company sued it over this and this, basically over making an AI impersonate the artist. Vocal Synthesis responded with this video. The quality does not fool the listener to think that these words were really spoken by the people whose voices were stolen for this.

Maeil Broadcasting Network AI driven human-like anchor[edit]

w:Maeil Broadcasting Network in South Korea published an AI news anchor in November 2020 made in conjunction with MoneyBrain. You can enable YouTube auto-generated English subtitles by enabling closed captioning (cc) and then clicking on the setting icon on the video control bar.

Mork n Mindy by the Sleaford Mods[edit]

"w:Mork n Mindy" is a w:single released by the band w:Sleaford Mods on 30 October 2020, featuring Billy Nomates on guest vocals. The song was written in January 2020.[1] The single is accompanied by a troubling w:music video w:directed by w:Ben Wheatley[1], uploaded by the band to w:YouTube on the release date.[2]. Imaged in the music video are the two band members Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn and featuring artist Billy Nomates performing.[2]

In Event of Moon Disaster[edit]

It is recommended that you watch In Event of Moon Disaster - FULL FILM (2020) at the project website (where it has interactive portions) by the Center for Advanced Virtuality at of the w:MIT



Appearance of President Niinistö thieved in 2019 by Yle using publicly available software[edit]

This is not a picture of President w:Sauli Niinistö of w:Finland, because it is not Niinistö in this video demonstrating the results of appearance theft of President Niinistö by Yle using publicly available software that this screenshot is from, but a synthetic human-like fake, more precisely moving pre-recorded digital look-alike made to the likeness of President Niinistö by w:Yle using publicly available software in 2019.

In September 2019 w:Yle, the Finnish w:public broadcasting company, aired this result of experimental w:journalism, a facial digital look-alike of the President in office Sauli Niinistö, made with publicly available deepfakery tools, in its main news broadcast for the purpose of highlighting the advancing disinformation technology and problems that arise from it. Alternatively view film and Finnish language article on it at

Face editing with Generative Adversarial Networks[edit]

'Face editing with Generative Adversarial Networks' by Arxiv Insights on YouTube] Premiered 2019-09-13

"This eye does not exist" - latent space interpolation[edit]

Discourse by the Sleaford Mods[edit]

'Discourse' by w:Sleaford Mods was uploaded by the band to Youtube on 2019-03-25

Glass (2019 film)[edit]

w:Glass (2019 film) by w:M. Night Shyamalan is recommended viewing for multiple reasons. Released in January 2019.


Digital look-alike made to appear Obama-like[edit]

This is not a picture of Obama, because it is not Obama in the video that this screenshot is from, but a synthetic human-like fake, more precisely a pre-recorded digital look-alike.

Click on the picture or Obama's appearance thieved - a public service announcement digital look-alike by Monkeypaw Productions and Buzzfeed to view an April 2018 public service announcement moving digital look-alike made to appear Obama-like. The video is accompanied with imitator sound-alike, and was made by w:Monkeypaw Productions (.com) in conjunction with w:BuzzFeed (.com). You can also View the same video at[3]

Voice thieving machine by Google Research[edit]

Observe how good the "VCTK p240" system is at deceiving to think that it is a person that is doing the talking.

The Iframe above is transcluded from 'Audio samples from "Transfer Learning from Speaker Verification to Multispeaker Text-To-Speech Synthesis"' at, the audio samples of a sound-like-anyone machine presented as at the 2018 w:NeurIPS conference by Google researchers.

Video 'This AI Clones Your Voice After Listening for 5 Seconds' by '2 minute papers' describes the voice thieving machine by Google Research in w:NeurIPS 2018.

Simulation Theory album by Muse[edit]

w:Dig Down was the first single from the album 'Simulation Theory' album by Muse on Youtube ' the w:Simulation Theory (album)' album by w:Muse (band) from 2018. Featured song is the acoustic version of Dig Down. Obs. This album collection contains songs not on the LP


Virtuaalitodellisuus by Möyhy-Veikot[edit]

Demo-version music video for the song VIRTUAALITODELLISUUS by the Finnish rock band Möyhy-Veikot published on 2017-08-09 Content warning: Medium Towards the end there is poor quality synthetic porn and one nudity containing picture where one cannot really tell is it real or synthesized. They promise to tell the truth about "virtual reality", so it needs to be there, or they'd be liars "Todellisuus" == "reality", "virtuaali-" == "virtual", "väärinpäin" == "the wrong way around, in wrong order, wrong sequence"

I Promise by Radiohead[edit]

'w:I Promise (Radiohead song)' by w:Radiohead was uploaded by the band to Youtube on 2017-06-02. The song is much older than the video.


Adobe Voco premiered by Adobe Inc.[edit]

#w:Adobe Voco. Adobe Audio Manipulator Sneak Peak with w:Jordan Peele (at November 2016 demonstration of a Adobe's unreleased sound-like-anyone-machine, the w:Adobe Voco at the w:Adobe MAX 2016 event in w:San Diego, w:California. The original Adobe Voco required 20 minutes of sample to thieve a voice.

Voodoo In My Blood by Massive Attack[edit]

The Spoils by Massive Attack[edit]

A 2016 music video 'The Spoils' by Massive Attack on Youtube by w:Massive Attack featuring w:Hope Sandoval. Wikipedia on The Spoils (song).

Music video for 'w:The Spoils (song)' by w:Massive Attack featuring w:Hope Sandoval from 2016.[spoiler 2]


The Last Video by Chip Taylor[edit]

In Two by the Nine Inch Nails[edit]

2013 music 'In Two' by the Nine Inch Nails (audio) on Youtube by w:Nine Inch Nails from the album w:Hesitation Marks.

Music 'In Two' by the Nine Inch Nails (audio) on Youtube] by w:Nine Inch Nails from the album w:Hesitation Marks released in2013.[spoiler 3]

Copy of A by the Nine Inch Nails[edit]

2013 music 'Copy of A' live by the Nine Inch Nails on Youtube by w:Nine Inch Nails from the album w:Hesitation Marks.

Before Your Very Eyes by Atoms for Peace[edit]

2013 music video 'Before Your Very Eyes' by Atoms For Peace (official music video) on Youtube by w:Atoms for Peace (band) from their album w:Amok (Atoms for Peace album). Video was made by Andrew Thomas Huang (.com)

Music video for 'Before Your Very Eyes' by w:Atoms for Peace (band) from their album w:Amok (Atoms for Peace album). This 2013 video was made by Andrew Thomas Huang.[spoiler 5]



John The Revelator by Depeche Mode[edit]

Music video for 'John The Revelator' by w:Depeche Mode from the single w:John the Revelator / Lilian. from 2006.[spoiler 6]


Only by the Nine Inch Nails[edit]

Music video 'Only' by Nine Inch Nails at

Doll Face by Andrew Thomas Huang[edit]

A short film 'Doll Face' by Andrew Thomas Huang (.com). There are various unofficial videos using 'Doll Face' as graphics, but with different music. from 2005. Short film 'Doll Face' by Andy Huang on was uploaded on 2007-02-19 by Andrew Thomas Huang (.com). There are various unofficial videos using 'Doll Face' as graphics, but with different music.


The Matrix sequels[edit]

This is a poster for w:The Matrix Revolutions.
w:The Matrix Reloaded was the first demonstration of moving synthetic human-like fakes so convincing that they can be called digital look-alikes.


Bullet by Covenant[edit]

Music video for Bullet by w:Covenant from 2002. Here you can observe the classic "skin looks like cardboard"-bug that stopped the pre-reflectance capture era versions from passing human testing. Karaoke version by Belovig Karaoke (no timings)


Evolution Revolution Love by Tricky[edit]

'Evolution Revolution Love' by w:Tricky (musician) from the w:Blowback (album) and featuring w:Ed Kowalczyk from 2001. Music video 'Evolution Revolution Love' by Tricky on Youtube[spoiler 8]

Plug In Baby by Muse[edit]



Windowlicker by Aphex Twin[edit]

Music video for w:Windowlicker by w:Aphex Twin from 1999.

Superbeast by Rob Zombie[edit]

Music video for 'w:Superbeast', a w:promotional single from w:Rob Zombie's solo debut, w:Hellbilly Deluxe from 1999.

Reflectance capture and separation by Debevec et al[edit]

Original w:light stage used in the 1999 reflectance capture by w:Paul Debevec et al at the w:University of Southern California.

It consists of two w:rotary axes with w:height and w:radius control. A w:light source and a w:polarizer in front of the light source were placed on one arm and a camera and the other polarizer on the other arm. See picture below, for what they did to the captured reflection.

Original image by Debevec et al. – Copyright ACM 2000 – – Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page.

Image 1: Separating specular and diffuse reflected light

(a) Normal image in dot lighting

(b) Image of the diffuse reflection which is caught by placing a vertical polarizer in front of the light source and a horizontal in the front the camera

(c) Image of the highlight specular reflection which is caught by placing both polarizers vertically

(d) Subtraction of c from b, which yields the specular component

Images are scaled to seem to be the same luminosity.

Original image by Debevec et al. – Copyright ACM 2000 – – Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page.


New Model No. 15 by Marilyn Manson[edit]

The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson[edit]

Rabbit in You Headlights by Unkle[edit]


Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin[edit]

Music video for w:Come to Daddy (song) by w:Aphex Twin from 1997.


Dead Cities by The Future Sound of London[edit]

Music 'Dead Cities' by w:The Future Sound of London is the title track from the 1996 album w:Dead Cities (album) from 1996.[spoiler 13]


Daydreaming by Massive Attack[edit]



Paranoimia by Art of Noise[edit]

Music video for 'w:Paranoimia' by w:Art of Noise featuring a synthetic human-like character, w:Max Headroom from the 1986 album w:In Visible Silence. The 1986 music video 'Paranoimia' by Art of Noise on Youtube.[spoiler 15]


Musique Non-Stop by Kraftwerk[edit]

Music video for w:Musique Non-Stop by w:Kraftwerk from album w:Electric Café. The music video was made in 1983, but published only in in 1986. 'Musique Non-Stop' by Kraftwerk on Youtube.[spoiler 16]



A Computer Animated Hand by Parke and Catmull[edit]

w:A Computer Animated Hand is a 1972 short film by w:Edwin Catmull and w:Fred Parke. This was the first time that w:computer-generated imagery was used in film to animate likenesses of moving human appearance.


First known geometry-capture of human appearance and renderings by Henri Gouraud[edit]

See 'Images de synthèse : palme de la longévité pour l’ombrage de Gouraud' at for the images as they may not present right here, probably due to having had an adverse reaction to linking their images here.



Daisy Bell sung by an IBM 704[edit]

In 1961 the first singing by a computer was performed by an w:IBM 704 and the song was w:Daisy Bell, written in 1892 by British songwriter w:Harry Dacre. View 'Daisy Bell' performed by an IBM 704 on Youtube.



Le Coucher de la Mariée - earliest known pornographic film[edit]

w:History of erotic depictions § Moving pictures states that w:Le Coucher de la Mariée from 1896 is the earliest known erotic or pornographic film that is known to exist.[4] Content warning: neglible, nude legs can be seen in one frame le coucher de la mariée at, with music and narrative (?) titling (runtime 48s) or le coucher de la mariée at, without titles or music (runtime 18s)


Cinematograph - popular breakthrough of film[edit]

The poster advertising the Lumière brothers cinematographe, showing a famous comedy (w:L'Arroseur Arrosé, 1895).



Temporal limit of digital sound-alikes - the invention of the phonograph[edit]

w:Thomas Edison and his early w:phonograph. Cropped from w:Library of Congress copy, ca. 1877, (probably 18 April 1878)

The temporal limit of whom, dead or living, the digital sound-alikes can attack is defined by the w:history of sound recording.

The article starts by mentioning that the invention of the w:phonograph by w:Thomas Edison in 1877 is considered the start of sound recording.

1st century[edit]

2nd century BC[edit]

6th century BC[edit]

Image taken from Silos Apocalypse. Originally published/produced in Spain (Silos), 1109.

Daniel 7, Daniel's vision of the three beasts Dan 7:1-6 and the fourth beast Dan 7:7-8 from the sea and the w:Ancient of DaysDan 7:9-10


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