Mediatheque/2019/Appearance of President Niinistö thieved by Yle using publicly available software

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This is not a picture of President w:Sauli Niinistö of w:Finland, because it is not Niinistö in this video demonstrating the results of appearance theft of President Niinistö by Yle using publicly available software that this screenshot is from, but a synthetic human-like fake, more precisely moving pre-recorded digital look-alike made to the likeness of President Niinistö by w:Yle using publicly available software in 2019.

In September 2019 w:Yle, the Finnish w:public broadcasting company, aired this result of experimental w:journalism, a facial digital look-alike of the President in office Sauli Niinistö, made with publicly available deepfakery tools, in its main news broadcast for the purpose of highlighting the advancing disinformation technology and problems that arise from it. Alternatively view film and Finnish language article on it at