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A collection of quotes about synthetic human-like fakes and synthetic filth.

“No spoon, huh? We know it is just a trick you do with no camera.”

~ Juho on The Matrix

“Do you think that was w:Hugo Weaving's left cheekbone that w:Keanu Reeves punched in with his right fist?”

~ Trad on The Matrix Revolutions

“If no-one who wants to hurt you knows what you look like, so how could someone malevolent make a covert digital look-alike of you?”

~ Juho Kunsola on The fine last line of defense with stopping power i.e. Why banning the burka, niqāb and other forms of full facial veil is not a wise, nor civilized move.

“When the camera does not exist, the old rules like locks, walls, clothes and unidirectionality of time travel stop working to some extent.”

~ Juho on some of the surprising qualities of what's possible when the camera does not exist

“Just because there is new evil does not make the old evil go away, to the contrary.”

~ Juho on the messed up state of this world