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Here you can find SSFWIKI resources. See our mediatheque for media and glossary for definitions.

Explore work by academia[edit | edit source]


Commercial[edit | edit source]

Major source of information has been by Samsung Next[1st seen in 1]

Visual synthetic human-like fakes[edit | edit source]

Consumer protection[edit | edit source]

Natural-language generation[edit | edit source]

Established companies in the market

  • - Arria NLG is a form of artificial intelligence that transforms structured data into natural language.[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) AI automation"
  • - "Using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning, Article Forge writes completely unique, on-topic, high-quality articles with the click of a button."[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Turn your data into clear natural language - Automated Insights is the creator of Wordsmith, a self-service natural language generation platform."[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Pioneering Natural Language Technologies" - NLU, NLP, NLG solutions[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Insights from data, in words" - Artificial intelligence software for businesses

Newer contenders in the market

  • - Natural language generation solution - "AI for Digital Transformation - Transforming Data into Human Knowledge in Real Time"[1st seen in 1]
  • - "NaturalText A.I. is the first and only NLP solution that uses unsupervised learning and symbolic, non-statistical A.I. to extract easy-to-understand, actionable insights from long-form text data—and it even explains the logic behind its decisions."[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Syllabs artificial intelligence generates quality texts automatically"[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Save time & grow your business by scaling content creation. - Our Natural Language Generation software helps you understand data & create meaningful text out of it."[1st seen in 1]
  •] - "No more dashboards - Data should be understandable for everyone. Start data storytelling with Lexio." w:Narrative Science[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Phrasee is the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting tech on the planet."[1st seen in 1]
  • - "THE INTELLIGENT DIGITAL EXPERT - BEYOND NATURAL LANGUAGE GENERATION - Visual NLG is a single platform that analyses data, acquires knowledge and delivers advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG)"[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Create unique textual content in a flash - A quick, coherent starting point for your articles"[1st seen in 1]
  • - "Turn Ideas into Content at Scale - Use Contentyze to automatically create marketing content from raw data using Artificial Intelligence."[1st seen in 1]

Speech and voice synthesis[edit | edit source]

Established companies in the market

Newer contenders in the market

  •[1st seen in 1] - "Intelligent speech atomic ability, open a new experience of AI speech" - TTS online, TTS offline, voice cloning, emotional TTS, voice customization and more.
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Turn your readers into listeners! - BotTalk is a text-to-speech software platform that allows you to convert any web content into the most humanlike sounding audio."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "The Future of Speech Synthesis is Here - Brand and customize a voice in just a few clicks."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "LOVO - Love Your Voice" - "High-quality DIY Online Text to Speech platform for all content creators. Get started for FREE now!" - Lovo Studio and Voiceover API
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Voice Chat Shouldn't Have To Be Toxic - We enable a safer, more immersive voice chat experience"
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Your Amazing voice meets our remarkable AI - Deepsync is a full-fledged Audio Production technology, that works by syncing your voice."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Resemble builds Custom AI Generated voices from your speech source." - web and API
  •[1st seen in 1] - "'Generate speech from text - Generate voice clips up to 300 characters. Login to generate voice clips up to 1000 characters. "
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Vocaloid - VIRTUAL SINGERS IN YOUR COMPUTER" - for MacOS and Windows only
  •[1st seen in 1] - "FREE Real Time Voice Changer for Online Games - Voicemod transformer works with VRChat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype & CSGO." - Website states that Linux and Mac versions are coming
  •[1st seen in 1] - "When Supertone creates, the world listens. - Towards a richer media ecosystem by providing innovative technologies to all creators around the world."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "we give voice to emotions" - "We design real-time voice technologies - We shape, in real time, the emotions displayed by human and artificial voices to enhance communication."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Create your audiobook in 15 minutes - Publish your audiobook free of charge" - Pricing based on character count. Free up-to-10 sentences conversion. (samples)
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Audio for every story - Instant audio articles using realistic voices that increase reader engagement and revenue potential"
  •[1st seen in 1] - as of 2020-12-08, the website has a misconfiguration (???)
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Voice Cloning - Create speech that's indistinguishable from the original speaker. Perfect for filmmakers, game developers, and other content creators."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Text to Speech. Made Simple. - Convert any written text into speech in 30 seconds." - Free sign-up
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Voice over at your fingertips - Add voice to digital experiences with more control and within budget using our AI powered Studio."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Listen to articles from the Web. - A better way to read the internet. Hands free and On The Go."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, full multitrack editing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Your videos, in other languages - Increase your reach with AI that recreates your voice in other languages"
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Hyper-realistic Artificial Voices - Create a captivating performance using emotionally expressive text-to-speech"
  • Speechify at[1st seen in 1] - "Less time reading. More time doing. - Listen instead of reading."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Custom text-to-speech voice engines."
  •[1st seen in 1] - Discussing voice AI system for telephone customer service

Video synthesis[edit | edit source]

  •[1st seen in 1] - "MailChimp for Videos - Use Generative AI to address millions of customers personally, through videos."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Recreate is an AI assisted video creation platform that let's you create social media videos in less than 4 minutes"
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Create your own AI video. As easy as writing an email. - With Synthesia you can finally create compelling video content without the need for actors, film crews or expensive equipment."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Introducing AI Avatars - Unlock the creative power of Artificial Intelligence using the world's first AI Avatar Studio."

Music and sound synthesis[edit | edit source]

  • Adobe Inc.
  •][1st seen in 1] - "Be More Human. - Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence technology company developing creative machines for humans to be less like machines."
  • [1st seen in 1] - "Make instant music. Reach billions. - Create original songs in seconds, even if you've never made music before."
  •[1st seen in 1] - "Loudly Music AI is currently the most powerful Music AI in the world. Trained on a catalogue of 8 million music tracks,"

Syntheses[edit | edit source]

Digital look-alikes[edit | edit source]

Links about digital look-alikes[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia links about digital look-alikes[edit | edit source]

Digital sound-alikes[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia links about digital sound-alikes[edit | edit source]

Other contenders to create digital sound-alikes[edit | edit source]

As of 2019, these speech synthesis in most use scenarios does not yet fool a human because the results contain tell tale signs that give it away as a speech synthesizer.

GANs[edit | edit source]

Links about StyleGAN[edit | edit source]

Text syntheses[edit | edit source]

Protective measures[edit | edit source]

Voice changers[edit | edit source]

List of voice changers[edit | edit source]


  • pyvoicechanger is a real time microphone voice changer app for Python 3.6+
  • SOX is available for all OS and is usually pre-installed on Linux. Sox is a general purpose audio software, so configuration work is needed to enable the voice changers.


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