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Here you can find organizations, studies and events against synthetic human-like fakes and also organizations and curricula for media forensics.

The SSFWIKI timeline of synthetic human-like fakes lists both positive and negative developments in reverse chronological order.

For laws in effect and bills in planning against synthetic filth see Laws against synthesis and other related crimes.

Organizations against synthetic human-like fakes[edit | edit source]

AI incident repositories[edit | edit source]

Help for victims of image or audio based abuse[edit | edit source]

Awareness and countermeasures[edit | edit source]

Organizations for media forensics[edit | edit source]

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as w:DARPA has been active in the field of countering synthetic fake video for longer than the public has been aware of the problems existing.

Organizations possibly against synthetic human-like fakes[edit | edit source]

Originally harvested from the study The ethics of artificial intelligence: Issues and initiatives (.pdf) by the w:European Parliamentary Research Service, published on the w:Europa (web portal) in March 2020.[1st seen in 2]

Services that should get back to the task at hand -[edit | edit source]

Transcluded from was a for-a-fee service from 2017 to 2021 for pointing out where in pornography sites a particular face appears, or in the case of synthetic pornography, a digital look-alike makes make-believe of a face or body appearing.[contacted 7]The inventor and founder of, Mr. Lionel Hagege registered the domain name in 2015[6], when he set out to research the feasibility of his action plan idea against non-consensual pornography.[7] The description of how worked is the same as Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept)'s description.

Other essential developments[edit | edit source]

Studies against synthetic human-like fakes[edit | edit source]

Detecting deep-fake audio through vocal tract reconstruction[edit | edit source]

Detecting deep-fake audio through vocal tract reconstruction is an epic scientific work, against fake human-like voices, from the w:University of Florida in published to peers in August 2022.

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) at of the USA funded this breakthrough science.

The work Who Are You (I Really Wanna Know)? Detecting Audio DeepFakes Through Vocal Tract Reconstruction at, presentation page, version included in the proceedings[8] and slides from researchers of the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS) at in the w:University of Florida received funding from the w:Office of Naval Research and was presented on 2022-08-11 at the 31st w:USENIX Security Symposium.

This work was done by PhD student Logan Blue, Kevin Warren, Hadi Abdullah, Cassidy Gibson, Luis Vargas, Jessica O’Dell, Kevin Butler and Professor Patrick Traynor.

The University of Florida Research Foundation Inc has filed for and received an US patent titled 'Detecting deep-fake audio through vocal tract reconstruction' registration number US20220036904A1 (link to with 20 claims. The patent application was published on Thursday 2022-02-03. The patent application was approved on 2023-07-04 and has an adjusted expiration date of 2041-12-29.

Protecting world leaders against deep fakes using facial, gestural, and vocal mannerisms[edit | edit source]

Protecting President Zelenskyy against deep fakes[edit | edit source]

Other studies against synthetic human-like fakes[edit | edit source]

Legal information compilations

More studies can be found in the SSFWIKI Timeline of synthetic human-like fakes

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Reporting against synthetic human-like fakes

Companies against synthetic human-like fakes See resources for more.

Events against synthetic human-like fakes[edit | edit source]

Upcoming events[edit | edit source]

In reverse chronological order

Ongoing events[edit | edit source]

Past events[edit | edit source]

  • 2019 | At the annual Finnish w:Ministry of Defence's Scientific Advisory Board for Defence (MATINE) public research seminar, a research group presented their work 'Synteettisen median tunnistus'' at (Recognizing synthetic media). They developed on earlier work on how to automatically detect synthetic human-like fakes and their work was funded with a grant from MATINE.
  • 2018 | NIST NIST 'Media Forensics Challenge 2018' at was the second annual evaluation to support research and help advance the state of the art for image and video forensics technologies – technologies that determine the region and type of manipulations in imagery (image/video data) and the phylogenic process that modified the imagery.
  • 2016 | Nimble Challenge 2016 - NIST released the Nimble Challenge’16 (NC2016) dataset as the MFC program kickoff dataset, (where NC is the former name of MFC). [20]

SSFWIKI proposed countermeasure to weaponized synthetic pornography: Outlaw unauthorized synthetic pornography (transcluded)[edit | edit source]

Transcluded from Juho's proposal for banning unauthorized synthetic pornography

§1 Models of human appearance[edit | edit source]

A model of human appearance means

§2 Producing synthetic pornography[edit | edit source]

Making projections, still or videographic, where targets are portrayed in a nude or in a sexual situation from models of human appearance defined in §1 without express consent of the targets is illegal.

§3 Distributing synthetic pornography[edit | edit source]

Distributing, making available, public display, purchase, sale, yielding, import and export of non-authorized synthetic pornography defined in §2 are punishable.[footnote 1]

§4 Aggravated producing and distributing synthetic pornography[edit | edit source]

If the media described in §2 or §3 is made or distributed with the intent to frame for a crime or for blackmail, the crime should be judged as aggravated.

Afterwords[edit | edit source]

The original idea I had was to ban both the raw materials i.e. the models to make the visual synthetic filth and also the end product weaponized synthetic pornography, but then in July 2019 it appeared to me that Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept) could really help in this age of industrial disinformation if it were built, trained and operational. Banning modeling of human appearance was in conflict with the revised plan.

It is safe to assume that collecting permissions to model each pornographic recording is not plausible, so an interesting question is that can we ban covert modeling from non-pornographic pictures, while still retaining the ability to model all porn found on the Internet.

In case we want to pursue banning modeling people's appearance from non-pornographic images/videos without explicit permission be pursued it must be formulated so that this does not make Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept) illegal / impossible. This would seem to lead to a weird situation where modeling a human from non-pornographic media would be illegal, but modeling from pornography legal.

SSFWIKI proposed countermeasure to weaponized synthetic pornography: Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept) (transcluded)[edit | edit source]

Transcluded main contents from Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept)

Adequate Porn Watcher AI (APW_AI) is an w:AI and w:computer vision concept to search for any and all porn that should not be by watching and modeling all porn ever found on the w:Internet thus effectively protecting humans by exposing covert naked digital look-alike attacks and also other contraband.

Obs. #A service identical to APW_AI used to exist -

The method and the effect

The method by which APW_AI would be providing safety and security to its users, is that they can briefly upload a model they've gotten of themselves and then the APW_AI will either say nothing matching found or it will be of the opinion that something matching found.

If people are able to check whether there is synthetic porn that looks like themselves, this causes synthetic hate-illustration industrialists' product lose destructive potential and the attacks that happen are less destructive as they are exposed by the APW_AI and thus decimate the monetary value of these disinformation weapons to the criminals.

If you feel comfortable to leave your model with the good people at the benefactor for safekeeping you get alerted and help if you ever get attacked with a synthetic porn attack.


Looking up if matches are found for anyone else's model is forbidden and this should probably be enforced with a facial w:biometric w:facial recognition system app that checks that the model you want checked is yours and that you are awake.

Definition of adequacy

An adequate implementation should be nearly free of false positives, very good at finding true positives and able to process more porn than is ever uploaded.

What about the people in the porn-industry?

People who openly do porn can help by opting-in to help in the development by providing training material and material to test the AI on. People and companies who help in training the AI naturally get credited for their help.

There are of course lots of people-questions to this and those questions need to be identified by professionals of psychology and social sciences.


The idea of APW_AI occurred to User:Juho Kunsola on Friday 2019-07-12. Subsequently (the next day) this discovery caused the scrapping of the plea to ban convert modeling of human appearance as that would have rendered APW_AI legally impossible.

SSFWIKI proposed countermeasure to digital sound-alikes: Outlawing digital sound-alikes (transcluded)[edit | edit source]

Transcluded from Juho's proposal on banning digital sound-alikes

Motivation: The current situation where the criminals can freely trade and grow their libraries of stolen voices is unwise.

§1 Unauthorized modeling of a human voice[edit | edit source]

Acquiring such a model of a human's voice, that deceptively resembles some dead or living person's voice and the possession, purchase, sale, yielding, import and export without the express consent of the target are punishable.

§2 Application of unauthorized voice models[edit | edit source]

Producing and making available media from covert voice models defined in §1 is punishable.

§3 Aggravated application of unauthorized voice models[edit | edit source]

If the produced media is for a purpose to

  • frame a human target or targets for crimes
  • to attempt extortion or
  • to defame the target,

the crime should be judged as aggravated.

About this article[edit | edit source]

Transcluded in this article are

In resources there are likely a few services that could fit here.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. People who are found in possession of this synthetic pornography should probably not be penalized, but rather advised to get some help.

Contact information[edit | edit source]

Please contact these organizations and tell them to work harder against the disinformation weapons

  1. Contact Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Automation Incidents Controversies (AIAAIC) at Snail mail
    • AIAAIC
    • The Bradfield Centre
    • 184 Cambridge Science Park
    • Cambridge, CB4 0GA
    • United Kingdom
  2. Contact Cyber Civil Rights Initiative at
    • CCRI is located in Coral Gables, Florida, USA.
  3. The Internet Watch Foundation at From Snail mail
    • Internet Watch Foundation
    • Discovery House
    • Vision Park
    • Chivers Way
    • Histon
    • Cambridge
    • CB24 9ZR
    • UK
    • Office Phone +44 (0)1223 20 30 30. - Phone lines are open between 8:30 - 16:30 Monday to Friday (UK time)
    • Media enquiries Email media [at]
  4. Partnership on AI at Contact Mail
    • Partnership on AI
    • 115 Sansome St, Ste 1200,
    • San Francisco, CA 94104
    • USA
    • 80 Hanson Place, 5th Floor
    • Brooklyn, NY 11217
    • USA
    • Phone: 1.718.783.2000
    • Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
    • 5757 Wilshire Boulevard, 7th Floor
    • Los Angeles, California 90036
    • USA
    • Phone: 1-855-724-2387
    • Email:
    • Email:
    • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
    • 675 North Randolph Street
    • Arlington, VA 22203-2114
    • Phone 1-703-526-6630
    • Email:
    • College of Arts & Media
    • National Center for Media Forensics
    • CU Denver
    • Arts Building
    • Suite 177
    • 1150 10th Street
    • Denver, CO 80204
    • USA
    • Phone 1-303-315-7400
    • Media Forensics Hub at Clemson University
    • Media Forensics Hub
    • Clemson University
    • Clemson, South Carolina 29634
    • USA
    • Phone 1-864-656-3311
    Visitor’s address
    • Marsstrasse 40
    • D-80335 Munich
    Postal address
    • Arcisstrasse 21
    • D-80333 Munich
    • Germany
    • ieai(at)
  6. The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning Website Email
    • The Institute for Ethical AI in Education
    From Mail
    • The University of Buckingham
    • The Institute for Ethical AI in Education
    • Hunter Street
    • Buckingham
    • MK18 1EG
    • United Kingdom
  7. Future of Life Institute Contact form
    • No physical contact info
  8. The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Contact info Mail
    • The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
    • 402, OS Bldg.
    • 4-7 Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0821
    • Japan
    • 03-5261-3401
    • AI4ALL
    • AI4ALL
    • 548 Market St
    • PMB 95333
    • San Francisco, California 94104
    • USA
    • The Future Society at
    • No physical contact info
    • The AI Now Institute at
    Contact Email
    • The Foundation for Responsible Robotics at
    Contact form Email
    • AI4People at
    Contact form
    • No physical contact info
    • IEEE Ethics in Action - in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems at
  9. Email
    • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Partnership for Countering Influence Operations (PCIO) at
    • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    • Partnership for Countering Influence Operations
    • 1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW
    • Washington, DC 20036-2103
    • USA
    • 1-202-483-7600
    • 1-202-483-1840
    • Knowledge 4 All Foundation Ltd. -
    • Betchworth House
    • 57-65 Station Road
    • Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1DL
    • UK
    • The Montréal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence at
    • 1-514-343-6111, ext. 29669
  10. Email:

Contacted[edit | edit source]

  1. Contacted Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Automation Incidents Controversies (AIAAIC) at
    • 2022-01-04 | Sent them email to info [at] mentioning their site is down and thanking them for their effort
    • 2022-01-04 | Received reply from Charlie. Replied back asking what is "AIAAIC" short for and Charlie Pownall responded "Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Automation Incidents Controversies"
  2. Contacted The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning
  3. Contacted Future of Life Institute
    • 2021-08-14 | Subscribed to newsletter
  4. Contacted AI4ALL:
    • 2021-08-14 | Subscribed to mailing list
  5. Contacted The AI Now Institute at
    • 2021-08-14 | Subscribed to mailing list
  6. Contacted The Center for Countering Digital Hate at
    • 2021-08-14 | Subscribed to mailing list
  7. Contacted Lionel Hagege /
    • 2022-10-07 - Sent LinkedIn-mail to Lionel about as I had promised to do so when I find out that someone has found something that sounds like it could work against the digital sound-alikes.
    • 2022-02-22 - 2022-02-28 - We exchanged some messages with Mr. Hagege. I got some information to him that I thought he really should know and also got a very hope-bearing answer to my question about the IP: Mr. Hagege owns it after the dissolution of the company in 2021 and he would be interested in getting at it again, but only if sufficient financing would be supplied.
    • 2022-02-21 - 2nd contact - I got another free month of LinkedIn pro and sent LinkedIn mail to Mr. Hagege, explaining the pressing need for to make a return, as a public good. Hoping to get an answer.
    • 2021-12-18 - first contact - I managed to reach someone at FacePinPoint via their Facebook chat and they told me that they could not find funding and needed to shut shop.
    Their email does not seem to be working as both my emails (info@ and webmaster@) bounced with Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command).

1st seen in[edit | edit source]

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