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This is a page to test the mw:Extension:Translate extension.

More testing...

Even more testing...

Trying to get mw:Extension:Elastica to work

Some instability with the mw:Extension:Translate

More testing..

Set $wgJobRunRate = 1;

Still a bug with the saving.. so adjusting settings and retrying

Now it would seem to work..

Seems to have something to do with jobs queue not getting processed fast enough

Now trying with 'php maintenance/runJobs.php --wait &' running all the time

It seems like that fixes the errors stopping from saving the translation of the new section

Trying once more if continuously running 'sudo -u www-data php maintenance/runJobs.php --wait &' reliably fixes the inability to save translation

Yeah.. Special:Translate works now

Testing if translations work after upgrade to 1.33

Testing more

and more

and just a little more