A disarming weapon against synthetic filth by existed from 2017 to 2021

Recently discovered, a brainchild of Mr. Lionel Hagege. It is unfortunately now closed. It was active 2017-2021.

Humanity really needs this, preferably purveyed as a public good.

Wrote an article on it, transcluded below with RDP Wiki Embed WordPress plugin. Article cache is updated only daily, so the wiki may have a newer version.

Please sign and share the petition 'Tighten regulation on taking, making and faking explicit images' at initiated by Helen Mort to the w:Law Commission (England and Wales) to properly update UK laws against synthetic filth. Only name and email required to support, no nationality requirement. was a service from 2017 to 2021 for pointing out where in pornography sites a particular face appears, or in the case of synthetic pornography, a digital look-alike makes make-believe of a face or body appearing.[contacted 1]

The inventor and founder of, Mr. Lionel Hagege registered the domain name in 2015[1], when he set out to research the feasibility of his action plan idea against non-consensual pornography.[2] The description of how worked is the same as Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept)'s description.

Facepinpoint Inc. was founded on Friday 2017-08-11, registered in Delaware, but their office was in Beverly Hills.[3]

The service officially launched on Saturday 2017-10-28[4] and to date they have indexed over 10 million faces from X-rated sites and blogs[5]. employed a "face recognition two-factor authentication process"[6] to stop anyone running a search with somebody else's facial features.

Very unfortunately Facepinpoint Inc. filed for surrender on Friday 2021-06-11.[7]

As of Dec 2021 their website is still up with domain name expiry date of 2023-12-04, but the AI service is no longer available, registrations are closed and their contact form doesn't work anymore.

Contact and tell them to get back to fulfilling their mission used to do the same thing as Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept) has been planned to do: To look at mind boggling amounts of pornography in order to protect its users from their likeness being used/shown somewhere where it is not supposed to be.


  1. 2021-12-18 first contact
    • On 2021-12-18 I managed to reach someone at FacePinPoint via their Facebook chat and they told me that they could not find funding and needed to shut shop.
    Their email does not seem to be working as both my emails (info@ and webmaster@) bounced with Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command).



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