Added contact methods and other improvements

I added a simple and unobstructive contact form and a chat to #SSF! WordPress to enhance the contact methods palette for visitors. Domain was renewed and an ok mobile menu was set up for the mobile visitors of the #SSF! wiki. for hassle-free chat for WordPress

After looking at bunch of chat solutions for #SSF! was the top in free tier adequacy (and existence of) and how highly it was rated and promoted by happy users and it was a breeze to setup. The same chat can also be accessed at Ban Covert Modeling! #BCM!, which is still a possible vector against the sound-like-anyone-machines, as there is no reason to let criminals trade in libraries of covert voice models

Now added a contact form and a chat powered by tidio and hCaptcha

For the contact form I used which I have found to be a versatile, free of charge and reliable way of doing contact forms. For the CAPTCHA I chose to go with and followed this HOWTO by

I have used Google reCAPTCHA previously to protect contact forms, but the WPForms people were giving a nudge to use services of some other company and not always just Google, Google, Google, Google…

Finally a proper mobile menu for #SSF! wiki mobile visitors

To provide a view for mobile viewers of the MediaWiki the installation [[mw:Extension:MobileFrontend]] and associated mobile-optimized [[mw:Skin:Minerva Neue]] and some subsequent configuration is required.

As of 2021-01 the mobile menu of the  extension MobileFrontend requires a bit of creative hacking. The issue is known to the MediaWiki developers. Automatic inclusion of the MediaWiki:Sidebar was not deemed a wise route of action by the MediaWiki developers, due to space restrictions.

With this instruction / example I was able to make the mobile visitors have a suitable navigation available for them by editing MediaWiki:Mobile.js. You can toggle between the mobile mode and desktop mode by clicking the link at the bottom of each wiki page.

The new mobile menu for mobile visitors of the #SSF! wiki

Domain renewed till 2022

Recently a the domain name of #SSF! was renewed in good time until 2022. Could consider bumping the registration to 2028, also there the 15th is a Saturday.


Updated with info on digital sound-alikes

Recently I updated the contents of the with everything the SSF! wiki has on digital sound-alikes or sound-like-anyone-machines, including my legal proposition to ban covert voice modeling, because there is absolutely no sense to let criminal organizations acquire, trade and grow their libraries of fake voices stolen from real people.

The domain is paid until Wednesday 14 March 2029, so much for my “certainty” that nothing will show up that that will be so massive in scale that a change of domain is needed i.e. Adequate Porn Watcher AI.

Image with a black C behind a red prohibition sign and a black exclamation mark was the predecessor of SSF! until the idea of the Adequate Porn Watcher AI showed up and this key method and the domain put together became illogical.



New addition to wiki – Other organizations seeking countermeasures to synthetic disinformation

Today a new section titled “Countermeasures against synthetic human-like fakes” was added to the Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki article on synthetic human-like fakes.

DARPA logo
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA has been active in the field of countering synthetic fake videos for longer than the public has been aware of the problems existing.

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