Added contact methods and other improvements

I added a simple and unobstructive contact form and a chat to #SSF! WordPress to enhance the contact methods palette for visitors. Domain was renewed and an ok mobile menu was set up for the mobile visitors of the #SSF! wiki. for hassle-free chat for WordPress

After looking at bunch of chat solutions for #SSF! was the top in free tier adequacy (and existence of) and how highly it was rated and promoted by happy users and it was a breeze to setup. The same chat can also be accessed at Ban Covert Modeling! #BCM!, which is still a possible vector against the sound-like-anyone-machines, as there is no reason to let criminals trade in libraries of covert voice models

Now added a contact form and a chat powered by tidio and hCaptcha

For the contact form I used which I have found to be a versatile, free of charge and reliable way of doing contact forms. For the CAPTCHA I chose to go with and followed this HOWTO by

I have used Google reCAPTCHA previously to protect contact forms, but the WPForms people were giving a nudge to use services of some other company and not always just Google, Google, Google, Google…

Finally a proper mobile menu for #SSF! wiki mobile visitors

To provide a view for mobile viewers of the MediaWiki the installation [[mw:Extension:MobileFrontend]] and associated mobile-optimized [[mw:Skin:Minerva Neue]] and some subsequent configuration is required.

As of 2021-01 the mobile menu of the  extension MobileFrontend requires a bit of creative hacking. The issue is known to the MediaWiki developers. Automatic inclusion of the MediaWiki:Sidebar was not deemed a wise route of action by the MediaWiki developers, due to space restrictions.

With this instruction / example I was able to make the mobile visitors have a suitable navigation available for them by editing MediaWiki:Mobile.js. You can toggle between the mobile mode and desktop mode by clicking the link at the bottom of each wiki page.

The new mobile menu for mobile visitors of the #SSF! wiki

Domain renewed till 2022

Recently a the domain name of #SSF! was renewed in good time until 2022. Could consider bumping the registration to 2028, also there the 15th is a Saturday.