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Hello. I am Juho Kunsola, founder of Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki and a few other websites.

This is my phone number if you need to contact me about something to do with Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki issues. SMS preferred
This is my email if you want to contact me.

Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki is a public service announcement wiki served to the Internet from Helsinki, Finland by Juho Kunsola at

If you have any questions you can contact me through the contact form at SSF! wordpress or the chat in the lower right-hand corner in the wiki or wordpress or alternatively leave a note on my my talk page (CAPTCHA passing required) or send SMS to the phone number or email to the address shown to the right. If you are logged in you can contact me through this email form

Bio / synthetic filth and me[edit]

  • I was born in Valkeakoski, Finland in 1977 to Annikki (née Vuorinen) and Mauri Heikkurinen.
  • In 1999 the reflectance field of the human face got captured in the w:University of Southern California's w:Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) by a team lead by w:Paul Debevec. I had no knowledge of that at the time.
  • In the Spring of 2000 I invented the concept of Consumerium.
  • In April 2002 I put the basic concept of Consumerium online
  • In February 2003 I started contributing to Wikipedia.
  • In March 2003 I started the development wiki
  • In 2003 I realized what had been going on making the connection between advancing human image synthesis and the Book of Revelations Chapter 13.
  • In 2004 started calling digital look-alikes "clonebots", coz it seemed that Muhstik, the only known (irc) clonebot implementation did nothing. Honestly I picked up the word from w:freenode irc's MOTD, which was set by lilo aka. Rob Levin. Rob was killed with a w:hit and run collision which occurred on 2006-09-12 when he was bicycling in Houston, Texas.
  • In January 2005 I got hit by multiple direct digital look-alike attacks
  • On Saturday 2005-01-15 I warned my ex about that the criminals have acquired ability to steal naked look-alikes and make them do anything
  • Starting from late July 2005 she did not return the warning when a direct digital look-alike attack was done on her. Really sad to see such greed and lust for further violence to actually side with the criminals' lie staying intact. Too bad no-one told her that she is a member of the humankind, perhaps she would have not chosen "humans don't need any protection at all".
  • Autumn of 2005 started editing Wikipedia as ASU. Unfortunately I was not yet aware enough to not to try to find some blasphemous names for the beast, but to go with terms, which "digital look-alike" or "synthetic human-like fake" are, instead I tried to call it "synbot", which got promptly deleted as a neologism. Next, going for something more neutral creating "digital double" lead to it being moved to "virtual human", which of course is blasphemous in its own way. A defensive victory was getting it eventually moved to "virtual actor" to be less blasphemous.
  • In March 2006 I started the English Wikipedia article on w:human image synthesis (initial version from 2006-03-05) article as a last stand against the deletionists and it eventually survived undeleted, though mainly due to someone else entering 2 paywalled sources from IEEE supporting that this is actually a very much a thing.
  • 2006 Ex'es mom delievers a message of protection, but it was delivered as a response to verbal violence by a representative of the violence machine i.e. a security guard. I did not request the violence machinery to verbally attack while on the job, but her immediate response of "It's only a synbot" leads me to suspect she did actually request the illegal action from the security guard.
  • In the Autumn semester of 2007 I did my B.Sc. thesis File:Ihmishahmojen kaappaaminen ja animointi - kandidaatintutkielma - Kunsola 2007 - Helsingin yliopisto.pdf File:Capture-and-animation-of-human-like-figures-B-Sc-thesis-Kunsola-2007-University-of-Helsinki-translated-into-English.pdf. Bullying situation from the digital look-alike attacks and subsequent after-effects was too extreme for me to get the bachelors degree.
  • Thoughts about tackling the problem of synthetic porn by illegalizing both the raw materials (covert models) for the weapon and also the end product (synthetic filth) appear.
A picture of a cut-away titled "Voice-terrorist could mimic a leader" from a 2012 w:Helsingin Sanomat warning that the sound-like-anyone machine is on the approach. Thank you to homie Prof. David Martin Howard of the w:University of York, UK for the heads-up.
  • In 2012 I come across a small news item in w:Helsingin Sanomat (pictured) about the digital sound-alike-anyone machines approaching as we go to the future.
  • Into October 2013 I decide to ditch the old Wikipedia pen name of ASU and start contributing as Redress perhaps, which I still do. Original aim was to make an article "digital look-alike", but then I was pointed to w:human image synthesis existing and already covering the same thing to some extent, so I worked on that.
  • Slightly after the ordination of w:Pope Francis (2014ish) I sent a 2-sidedly color-printed paper copy of my thesis and an accompanying letter to the Pope and to the bishops of the w:Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. No reply, since when was it bishops' job to be against the spiritual enemy's new synthetic weapons from sowing destruction into lives and societies?
  • February 2016 another digital look-alike attack on me with strong likelyhood of other hate-crime.
  • In 2016 started to translate my B.Sc. thesis to English and Finished in 2017. The department required doing the course Scientific Writing in the Finnish language.
  • In Autumn of 2016 I heard about the w:Adobe Voco and Deepmind w:WaveNet digital sound-alike machines on the radio, while traveling from Helsinki to Tampere and proceeded to add the Wikipedia articles for these two early instances of sound-like-anyone software.
  • In 2016 I drafted a draft for a bill to ban covert modeling and products of covert modeling (2017 repost)
  • March 2019 I started the Ban Covert Modeling! wiki, my first single-purpose wiki, with naive "certainty", that it would not turn out to be the wrong move against the primary problem of synthetic porn.
  • Friday 2019-07-12 I come to think of what if there was an Adequate Porn Watcher AI (concept). Saturday I realize that banning covert modeling would ban also protective modeling. By 2019-07-17 I had managed to admit that I had been asking for the completely wrong method that would have made the right method legally effectively impossible
  • Wednesday 2020-01-15 I registered the domain and subsequently created the SSF! wiki by making a whole copy of the BCM! wiki and installing a fresh Wordpress at the root of the main domain.
  • Monday 2020-03-23 I created the #SSF! wiki by moving the contents from the #BCM! wiki

Law proposals[edit]

Non-profit marketing[edit]

My 2007 CS B.Sc. thesis[edit]

Thanks yous for the thesis go mainly to Mr. Jukka Perkiö, who was my guide for the research and writing process. He was always helpful and supportive and never ever bullied me even once.

Click on PDF to view in wiki

Original thesis in Finnish[edit]

"Ihmishahmojen kaappaaminen ja animointi" is my original B.Sc. thesis researched, written and passed in autumn semester 2007 in the University of Helsinki. Read at least the motivation and conclusion.

Translation of thesis to English[edit]

My 2016-2017 English translation of my original B.Sc. thesis researched, written and passed in autumn semester 2007 in the University of Helsinki. Read at least the 'Motivation' and 'Conclusion'.

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Transcluded from quotes

“No spoon, huh? We know it is just a trick you do with no camera.”

~ Juho on The Matrix

“Do you think that was w:Hugo Weaving's left cheekbone that w:Keanu Reeves punched in with his right fist?”

~ Trad on The Matrix Revolutions

“If no-one who wants to hurt you knows what you look like, so how could someone malevolent make a covert digital look-alike of you?”

~ Juho Kunsola on The fine last line of defense with stopping power i.e. Why banning the burka, niqāb and other forms of full facial veil is not a wise, nor civilized move.

“When the camera does not exist, the old rules like locks, walls, clothes and unidirectionality of time travel stop working to some extent.”

~ Juho on some of the surprising qualities of what's possible when the camera does not exist

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